Hope after the elephant invasion

As regular readers of this blogsite will know, back in February the villages in and around the Sagalla mountain were invaded by around 200 elephants causing widespread damage to crops and property. It even forced the closure of one school (Gedion Mosi Primary) due to concerns for the safety of pupils, teachers and parents.

However using funds donated by Kileva supporters, we were able to send much needed food to the Mwakoma villagers (click HERE for details) and, because of the generosity of one donor in particular, we have also been able to pay Samuel Mwasi’s fees at his new secondary school, and to buy the books he needed.

Thanks again to everyone for your help. The whole Mwakoma community, and in particular Samuel and his family, are extremely grateful for our support.

Best wishes



Involving parents in ICT teaching at Kileva Eastfield

The involvement of parents in their children’s education is of course essential, and so I was particularly pleased to receive the following ‘photos from Margaret. They show the Head Teacher, Mr Mwalala, demostrating to parents how the new light projector will be used to project images from the computer onto the classroom wall when teaching ICT to Class One pupils at the school.


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