Wall art at Kileva Eastfield

A picture of a mural being painted by the Elephants & Bees Team on a classroom wall at Kileva Eastfield School was featured in a recent post by  Tosca Tindall – click HERE for details. As can be seen in the following picture the mural is now complete:


World Map

Two further murals have also now been completed as shown below:


Parts of a Tooth



Parts of a Flower

Kileva Community Centre, Kirumbi

Although most of the focus for Kileva is now aimed at the Kileva Eastfield School in Mwakoma, we still maintain a keen interest in the fortunes of the Kileva Community Centre which we started to build back in 2007 in the neighbouring village of Kirumbi. A brief history of the centre are given in the following post kileva-dispensary-kirumbi


Kileva Community Centre, Kirumbi March 2016

When the UK team visited during our trip in March of this year, we saw that the structure was essentially still the same layout as it was when it was first built. However Kilele did mentioned that as it’s role in the community had expanded over the years (it was acting as an overflow for the local pre-school for example) he had ensured that government funding had been secured to extend and renovate it.

I’m now delighted to say that the work has been completed and the extended centre is once again open for (expanded) community business!

Thanks to Kilele and all the other people that helped to give the old centre such a great make-over.

Best wishes,



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