From the outset as much support and encouragement as possible has been provided to school children in some of the poorest villages of the area (places such as Kizumanzi, Kirumbi and Gedion Mosi) where there is no mains water or power supply, and basic equipment such as paper, pens & pencils are in short supply.  It is remarkable how much the donation of something small such as a book or a drink of juice means to these children.

Kileva Eastfield Site Oct 2006

However it was when we visited the remote village of Mwakoma that we realised just how much it would mean if we could help them to build a new school.  It was an ambitious undertaking but work began as planned at the end of 2006, and by the end of 2010 a pre-school, four classrooms, two toilet blocks and a school house of the new Kileva Eastfield Primary School have been completed.

Kileva Eastfield Nov 2006

The school has provided a much needed boost to the whole community, and our hope is that we can continue the building programme so that as many children as possible from the surrounding villages can take advantage of it.

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  1. faustinah wakio

    congratulations for the good work of supporting our less fortunate children in their education. thank you for that good heart you are showing into our community.may the almighty God bles you mightly

  2. joseph tinga

    it,s really impressing n keep it up kileva for empowering our children who are less fortunate keep the ball rolling

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