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Kileva Eastfield pupils & teachers attend regional prize giving day

Last month the pupils from class 7 of Kileva Eastfield Primary School were invited to attend a Sagalla Zone prize-giving day at Marie Primary School, which is near the top of the Sagalla mountain.  Below is a report from George Mwavisa, one of the teachers that attended the event:





The following photos are of the entertainment performed by some of the pupils (including Kileva Eastfield in the first of the photos) and parents at the meeting:


Prize Giving

The next two photos show the county Governor making a speech and presenting prizes to some of the recipients:

Water, Juice & Biscuits

It’s been very dry for some time in Sagalla, and so we recently had to use some of our funds to fill the big water tank at Kileva Eastfield.  Here are a couple of ‘photos from Margaret of the tanker which brought the water to the school:

We’ve also spent some funds on juice and biscuits to be handed out during the school prize-giving ceremonies when we visit Sagalla in a couple of weeks time, and I’m in the process of creating certificates for the best 3 students in each year at each school, plus getting all the medals ready.


Here is the list of the schools we’ll be visiting:

  • Kileva Eastfield Primary
  • New Whitehouse Academy
  • Kirumbi Primary
  • Sowa Primary
  • Gideon Mosi Primary
  • Our Lady Of Perpetual Succour Secondary
  • Mlondo Primary
  • Kizumanzi Primary
  • Kizumanzi Secondary

As always it’s a very busy schedule, but it should again be a lot of fun for all involved!

Best wishes


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