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Margaret appointed to ECDE Supervisor job

Over the years I’ve become very proud of the many people that have helped to make the the Kileva Foundation what it is today.  The officials, the builders, the the teachers, the parents and of course the fantastic kids at Kileva Eastfield – all have done their bit to make our dream come true.

However there are two people of whom I am particularly proud.  One is Kilele who, as regular readers of this blog will know, is now the member for Sagalla in the Taita Taveta County Government (click HERE for further details) , and the other is Margaret who has just been appointed to the post of ECDE (Early Childhood Development in Education) Supervisor in the Taita Taveta County Education Office.


This is a truly fantastic achievement and very richly deserved after many years of hard work at school, at college (click HERE for details) and of course at Kileva Eastfield.

007Cliff & Margaret

Although this means that Margaret will no longer be teaching at Kileva Eastfield, she will continue to direct the work sponsored by Kileva at the school, including handling all the financial aspects of running the charity in Kenya.

Please join me in congratulating Margaret and wishing all the very best in her exciting new role.

Best wishes


PS: To give you an idea of the kind of territory Margaret will have to cover when visiting the schools involved in her new job, take a look at the following ‘photos which were taken on a visit to the school in the remote village of Mwakuni. To get there you have to travel a further 12km on foot from where cars stop!

Pretty spectacular scenery I’m sure you’ll agree …

New Teacher for Kileva Eastfield Primary School

As the Kileva Eastfield Primary School continues to grow, it’s obviously very important that there continues to be sufficient teachers to cope with demand.  I’m therefore pleased to announce that a new teacher, Mr Raymond Mwakibola Mazai, has been appointed by the government.

Here is a summary of Mr Mazai’s background:

Please join me in welcoming Mr Mazai to the school.

Best wishes,


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