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School Building work and storm protection

Building Work

Building work continues at the school. Recently a new toilet block was built, and I’m delighted to say that the school have been granted 500,000 Kenyan shillings (around £3,200) from the local Community Development Fund (CDF). As we already have the required 8 classrooms, the building will probably be used as a new administration block.

Storm Protection

There are two rainy seasons in Kenya. A short one in November and a longer one that usually lasts from the end of March in to May. To help protect the school against the imminent short one (which although short can still produce torrential downpours!) some trenches have been dug in various places to help drain the surface water away.



It’s raining in Sagalla

From Godwin Kilele
Voi, Kenya

Dear all,

We are all well here in kenya and iam telling you its been raining since the day cliff, jane, steve, and dave went back to englishland from kenya, i think they brought us rain from england.

Farmland near Mwakoma

We are very proud to see the much work you are doing to help us here in kenya and thus we wish you well and happiness. May God bless you abundantly.

Well,to be sincere[not sarcastic],i wont make it to  england for the 4th Dec 2011 meeting as i have much commitments to some family issues.  please pass my apologies to the uk Board members. But if you wont mind,you can forward to me the minutes  of the meeting.

Otherwise love and regards to all.


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