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Drought & termites continue to take their toll – an appeal for your help

The impact of drought

Drought continues to be a problem in Mwakoma and the surroundinfg area. The affect of this on the trees and vegetation at the Kileva Primary School can be seen in the following ‘photos:

As you can see below this is also affecting the farm at the school which means that food production there is currenty on hold.

The impact of termites

Unfortunately termites are also a continual problem in the area. They have a voracious appetite and once again they have eaten their way through some of the wooden structures at the school, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. The ‘photos below show examples of how this has caused doors to fall away from the frames which were once supporting them.

An appeal for help

If  you would like to make a donation to help with the necessary restoration work please click on the image below to go to my appeal page.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated by everyone at the school.

Thanks and best wishes



Fundraising for Kileva

Harvest Festival

Last October I was asked along to a couple of events in the village of West Ashton near Trowbridge to talk about the work of Kileva.

The first was held at the village church where I gave pupils from the Primary School an overview of what Kileva does, then the second was at the Harvest Festival Lunch in the village hall where I talked to villagers in a little more detail about Kileva. The lunch was followed by an auction of harvest produce, which I’m delighted to say raised £500 for Kileva. Thank you so much to all involved for their hard work and generosity.

Christmas Stall

At the beginning of December Jos organised a stall at the Royal York Crescent Christmas Fair in Clifton, Bristol. A number of people – including Jos, Jane and Steve – donated items to be sold, and I’m again delighted to say that £163 was raised for Kileva. Thanks very much to everyone involved, particularly to Jos for setting it all up and wearing her blue Kileva T-Shirt on the day!

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