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Fundraising for Kileva

Harvest Festival

Last October I was asked along to a couple of events in the village of West Ashton near Trowbridge to talk about the work of Kileva.

The first was held at the village church where I gave pupils from the Primary School an overview of what Kileva does, then the second was at the Harvest Festival Lunch in the village hall where I talked to villagers in a little more detail about Kileva. The lunch was followed by an auction of harvest produce, which I’m delighted to say raised £500 for Kileva. Thank you so much to all involved for their hard work and generosity.

Christmas Stall

At the beginning of December Jos organised a stall at the Royal York Crescent Christmas Fair in Clifton, Bristol. A number of people – including Jos, Jane and Steve – donated items to be sold, and I’m again delighted to say that £163 was raised for Kileva. Thanks very much to everyone involved, particularly to Jos for setting it all up and wearing her blue Kileva T-Shirt on the day!


Clifton Jumble Trail

A Report from Jos on a Kileva Fundraising event

On Sunday 10th April Kileva T-shirts were seen at the  the Clifton Jumble Trail in Bristol. With support from Jos’s work colleague Inge, the UK Kileva team  raised £160 on their doorstep stall by selling unwanted items donated by friends and neighbours.

What a difference a week makes to how many layers are worn with a Kileva T-shirt. In Kenya, the shirt on its own felt too hot. In Bristol, Jos and Jane managed to get three extra layers underneath it and still felt cold!


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