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Kileva Foundation 2016 AGM

The Kileva Foundation AGM took place on 22nd November 2016. Thanks to Jos for producing the minutes, which can be downloaded from the following location:

captureA financial summary for the year can be found (as usual) on the Charity Commission website.  As the income for the charity was under £25,000 we did not need to submit detailed reports to the Commission. However, should anyone wish to view either of the relevant reports, click of the following links:

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Clifton Jumble Trail

A Report from Jos on a Kileva Fundraising event

On Sunday 10th April Kileva T-shirts were seen at the  the Clifton Jumble Trail in Bristol. With support from Jos’s work colleague Inge, the UK Kileva team  raised £160 on their doorstep stall by selling unwanted items donated by friends and neighbours.

What a difference a week makes to how many layers are worn with a Kileva T-shirt. In Kenya, the shirt on its own felt too hot. In Bristol, Jos and Jane managed to get three extra layers underneath it and still felt cold!


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