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Wall art at Kileva Eastfield

A picture of a mural being painted by the Elephants & Bees Team on a classroom wall at Kileva Eastfield School was featured in a recent post by  Tosca Tindall – click HERE for details. As can be seen in the following picture the mural is now complete:


World Map

Two further murals have also now been completed as shown below:


Parts of a Tooth



Parts of a Flower


Drinks at Kileva Eastfield


I mentioned two or three weeks ago that Clemmie St John Webster, an intern from Dr Lucy King’s Elephants & Bees  team, visited Kileva Eastfield Primary to run classes with the kids based on the work the team are doing. Since then, as you’ll see in the following letter of thanks, the team have donated some guttering which will help supplement the water supply at the school.


Many thanks to Lucy and her team for their support.


By dipping into the donations made by the handful of regular Kileva supporters, we are also now and again able to buy sugar and milk to go with the tea which is given to guests and other visitors whenever possible.

Enjoy your tea everyone!

Best wishes


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