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Thanks from the Mwakoma Community

Below is a letter from Jane Mlungule who is the Chair of the Mwakoma Community Committee thanking us for our help following the recent raids by elephants in and around the Mwakoma village.

You’ll no doubt be pleased to hear that things are beginning to get back to normal, although of course the people that were killed throughout the region are sorely missed, and it will take a while longer to replace the crops that were lost.

Best wishes,




A Personal Thank You

Thank you so much to all the people that contributed to the Kileva Appeal following the awful events of the past couple of weeks or so when elephants marauded through farms in and around the Sagalla lowlands.  Thanks also to Margaret who, as always, was a tremendous help in organising the buying, transportation and distribution of the food which went to around 100 households in the stricken area.

“The activity brought a lot of joy to them because its was something they didn’t expect,” said Margaret. “I bought 15 bags of maize [100 kg] which totaled 75,000/-. The balance was used for transport. Each household got 15 kg of maize, and they all celebrated with joy. I am waiting for their thanks giving letter this week and will send it to you. They appreciate you so much for your efforts of helping them and requested that the donors to keep assisting them in times of difficult.”

Below are some photos of the damage caused, the bags of maize your donations bought, and the food being distributed.

Thanks again for your support. As you can see it means a great deal to to the people of Mwakoma and surrounding villages.

Best wishes


Crop Damage

Bags of Maize at Kileva School

Food Distribution

A personal thank you from one of the villagers


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