Divisional Exams and Photo Session

Divisional Exams

Report by
Madam Alice, Deputy Head Teacher

The divisional exams for class 3 to class 8 began last week. The pupils are competing with schools in the Voi Division.

Grade 1 and 2 were not included due to the new Competence based Curriculum

Pupils listening to teacher announcements at Monday morning assembly



Photo Session

Report by
Headteacher Mr Phanuel Mwalwalwa and Madam Priscillah.

Kileva Eastfield School last week invited a photographer who took passport size photos of all the learners in the school. The photos will be taken to Voi to facilitate a Governments and Ministry of Educations requirement called National Education Management System(NEMIS). This is where we capture details of the learners such as:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Birth certificate Number
  • Nationality

The photos will be uploaded when filling in the details of the learners online.

The Government is carrying out a National exercise. In this case all the learners in the country will have permanent index numbers from nursery to university level. The importance is to monitor how the child is progressing, and to curb transfers and repetition.

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