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More from the Inter-schools Athletics Team Trials, and Water Delivery

Below are some ‘photos from the Interschools Trials, plus some good news on water delivery to the school 🙂

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Athletics Trials

Water Delivery

Report by
Madam Priscillah and Madam Beata

Kileva Eastield Primary School today received a delivery of 2,000 litres of water. The Elephants & Bees Team of Save the Elephants had bought water, and filled up their tank, then the surplus amount was brought to Kileva.  Thank you yery much to the E&B Team Leader Dr Lucy!

Interschool Athletics Team Selection

Report by

Mr George
Games Master


Earlier this week pupils participated in the selection process to select a team to represent Kileva Eastfield at the Interschool Athletics Competition  at zonal level scheduled for early March.

Field events

There will be field events such as throws, that is javelin, shot-put and discus as well as jumps, that is,high, long and triple jump.

Track events

Track events will feature short, middle, long and relay races.


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