Parents Meeting at the Kileva School

Below is a report from Margaret after she attended a meeting with the parents of the Kileva pupils on 18th January.




Meeting with Parents at Kileva Primary School

By Margaret Kiriro
Kileva Operations Director, Mwakoma, Kenya
18th January, 2018


Prayers were confucted by Madam Rose Mwandege, the ACK church representative (sponsor)

KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) analysis

The head teacher shared the results with the parents on the chalk board so that parents could see where their school was in terms of position and meanscore.

The parents were much concerned about their children perfomance, and most of them were wondering as to why their children could be performing better in lower class while in class 8 they perform poor. The head teacher urged parents to continue surporting the children in terms of providing all the basic needs because due to changes within the environment and age, really affect learning. We also agreed that the teachers have a duty to play to ensure that the children perform well despite all the challenges they undergo including human wildlife conflict and poverty.

We all agreed to have frequent meetings with the class eight parents and teachers to see what is required of them.

Clearing bush around the school

Due to the long holiday, which also had some rain, the school compound is full of long grass and small bushes which need to be cleared. All the parents agreed to engage themselves on communial work to clear that.

Now that we have athletics this term we need to clear the fields and mark them because of the cluster, zonal and even Voi Sub County competitions which are held at Kileva nowadays.


We finally held the elections for the School Management Comittee (SMC). The committee was formed according to the number of classes. The members are as follows:

  1. Boniface Kigunule (absent)
  2. Tabitha Mwae (absent)
  3. Zuhura Ali
  4. Janet Dadi
  5. Agness Mwake
  6. Hezron Nzumu
  7. Stanley Masharu
  8. Clemence Saghe

School Management Committee (SMC) plus Village Elder on far right

Out of the the eight members,there was need to have the chairperson and treasurer who are :

  • Hezron Nzumu
  • Agnes Mwake

The SMC was urged to work hand in hand with the BOM members to ensure that the school is in order.

The Board of Management (BOM) is a commitee which involves members who are non parents of the school. This is a commitee suggested by the Ministry of Education. Their work is to oversee the projects supported by the National Government .

Having no other business to discuss,the meeting was adjourned at 2:00pm.

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