ICT comes to Kileva Eastfield

It seems that from the moment the first bricks were laid at the Kileva Eastfield School back in 2006, I’ve secretly harboured the dream that one day ICT (Information and Communications Technology) would be taught at the school so that pupils would be able to take advantage of the huge opportunities that the technology opens up.



The dream took a major step towards reality 7 years later when in 2013 Uhuru Kenyatta, the new President of Kenya, promised laptops for all Kenyan school children, and then when the school was hooked up to the national electricity grid the following year (thanks to funding provided by Paul Burbidge) it became a real possibility.


The next major piece of the jigsaw was put in place last year when the Kenya Institute of Security and Criminal Justice selected Kileva Eastfield to be the regional school at which computer training would take place as outlined in the following letter from Agnes Mwapulu, one of the teachers at the school:


All that was needed then was for the school to receive it’s own computers from the government, and so you can imagine how pleased I was last week to receive the following note from Margaret:

Kileva Eastfield Primary School

14th February, 2016


Dear Cliff,

I attended a School Management Committee meeting yesterday to discuss the school programs and the progress, and I heard that they had received 12 laptops for the Class 1 children, one for the Head Teacher and one for the Class 1 teacher.

Our school happened to be one of the lucky ones to receive some of the laptops that were promised by the government. So, very soon the class one children will be using the laptops during learning sessions.

The school also received 1 projector which will also be useful in many ways.

Below are photos of the laptops.

Best wishes,


So you see dreams can sometimes come true if you keep working towards them … 🙂

Best wishes,


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