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Elephant and Bees Team celebrate World Environment Day with Kileva Primary School

World Environment Day occurs on 5 June every year, and is the United Nation’s principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

The report below by Ro Vince, one of the interns from the Elephants and Bees Team, describes how the Team spent the day this year with pupils at Kileva Eastfield, teaching them the importance of the day, and what it means to them and their environment.

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Elephant and Bees Team celebrate World Environment Day with Kileva Primary School

Report by International Intern, Ro Vince

One of the projects that Elephants and Bees supports, in addition to working with beehive fence farmers, is working with the local Primary School near the research centre, namely Kileva Eastfield Primary. We help the children to learn more about the elephants that surround them, and to understand the value that wildlife brings to Kenya.

On 5th June we taught the children all about the importance of World Environment Day and what it means to them, and we asked the children if they could help us to design a colourful new mural for the school to celebrate the wildlife around them.

Children from all classes of the school joined Elephants and Bees staff and interns armed with crayons, pens and colouring pencils plus wildlife books and magazines and pictures.

Children engaged in the World Environment Day activities

The children from the youngest to the oldest all went wild with excitement for the fun and games and drawing all their favourite African animals reinforced their love and appreciation for the endangered and threatened species living and surviving on their doorstep.


Proudly presenting their colourful drawings

We had so many amazing drawings and pictures of all the animals you would hope to see on the African Savannah that in the end Elephants and Bees interns decided to draw them all!

Interns Lorna McAllister and Jackie Delie, with the help of Kileva’s class 8, drew and painted this fantastic waterhole scene, brightening up the school and providing inspiration for conserving all the wild and endangered species we share our environment with.

The new school mural – inspired by the children pictures


The new trains are coming through Voi

Whenever we’ve visited Kenya in the past, getting from Nairobi to Voi, or indeed from Mombassa to Voi has always been a challenge by car along the main Nairobi – Mombassa Highway. However as I mentioned in a post over 18 months ago, click HERE for details, a new railway was to be built between the cities.

We saw first hand the construction when we visited in March of 2016.

President Uhuru Kenyatta officially launched the new link a few months ago by taking a maiden trip from Mombasa to Nairobi, addressing the public at selected stations along the way, including the one in Voi.

How things change! The new railway is expected to transform the economy and landscape of Kenya, including Voi and surrounding areas such as Mwakoma where the Kileva Eastfield School is located. However it also means that future Kileva UK Teams will be able to avoid the perils of the infamous road journey from Nairobi to Voi!

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