Kileva Foundation 2015 AGM Minutes

Kileva Foundation Annual General Meeting (AGM)

6th December 2015


  • Cliff Evans (Chair)
  • Stephen Taylor (Treasurer)
  • Ruth Barnett
  • Paul Burbidge
  • Gavin Coates
  • John Craft – by Skype
  • Jane Evans
  • Mark Harris (Marketing and Communications Director) – by Skype
  • Jocelyn Sewell


  • Alison Ainge
  • Damien Ainge
  • Anne Hodgson
  • Spencer Hodgson

1.       Review of 2015 and Approval of Documents

1.a    Trustees Annual Report

Cliff presented the Trustees’ Annual Report to the Charity Commission for the period 1/11/14 to 31/10/15.

Main Achievements during the Year

  • Kileva Eastfield Primary School, Mwakoma Kenya
    • Educational supplies (books etc) provided.
    • Furniture provided.
    • Lunches and water provided.
    • Uniforms provided.
    • Electricity connected to all school buildings.
    • Salaries of 2 teachers and 1 security guard paid.
    • College fees paid for teachers.
    • Repairs to buildings due to termite damage
    • Renovation of classroom floors
  • Kileva Medical Dispensary, Kirumbi Kenya
    • Medical supplies provided.

1.b.   Receipts and Payments Accounts

Cliff presented the accounts for 1/11/14 to 31/10/15.

In the last year just under £22,385 income was received and £17,699 was paid out leaving £9851 in the cash fund (including £5,165 balance carried forward from last year). As the income is less than £25,000 there is no need for an independent examiner of the accounts. The reason there is a higher amount in the cash fund this year is that building costs were much less in 2015.

Thanks to all individuals for their continuing donations and groups such as Rotary International, U3A and Comptel Corporation.

The AGM approved the Receipts and Payments Accounts which will be sent to the Charity Commission.

2.       2016 Objectives

2.1 Kileva Eastfield School

The charity is committed to regular payments to cover the cost of salaries for one teacher and a security guard, lunches and water, communications, transport, extra exam papers, school outings/competitions and building maintenance.

The trustees discussed other potential expenditure next year including:

  • Equipment
    • Books, uniforms, sports shirts
    • Kileva Connect Club budget
  • Building
    • Secure library & computer room
  • Education grants
    • Secondary school
    • College
    • University

2.2 Kileva Farm

The charity is committed to continuing to fund the the Kileva Permaculture Farm which was set up at Eastfield School this year in partnership with The Permaculture Institute under the leadership of Joannah Stutchbury. This project is teaching the children and their parents how to enrich the poor soil using organic matter, and how to plant a variety of food crops together which should considerably increase food production. The farm is off to a good start and the outdoor classroom is established with a grass roof. Children and parents have taken to the project with enthusiasm.

2.3 Kileva Connect

Cliff presented a new initiative for discussion. He suggested the establishment of special interest clubs at the school in different subject areas which could help to connect the children in Kenya with special interest groups in the UK. The benefits to the children would be to broaden their education beyond the prescribed school curriculum and allow them to pursue other interesting subjects (and hopefully be fun). At the Kenya end it would require a leader for each club. At the UK end, it would require a UK co-ordinator for each club who could then try to find ways to connect to (and possibly get financial help from) groups in the UK with the same interests.

There was much discussion about this idea. The possible interest areas were discussed. The increased level of involvement and time required by trustees was considered. Finally it was decided that Mark Harris would look at ‘Games and Sports’, Stephen Taylor at ‘Wildlife and Environment’, Jocelyn Sewell at ‘Health and Fitness’ and Cliff Evans at ‘Scouting’. The visit in March 2016 will give an opportunity to talk to teachers and children at the school to find out if they are interested in this venture.

3.       Retirement of existing Officers and Trustees

In line with clause 18, sub-clause 3 of the constitution, the existing officers (Cliff Evans, Jane Evans, and Jocelyn Sewell), and the other Trustees, (Damien Ainge, Alison Ainge, Paul Burbidge, John Craft, Mark Harris and Stephen Taylor) retired.

4.       Election of Officers and Trustees for 2015/16

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair                      Cliff Evans
  • Treasurer               Stephen Taylor

After considering the information from Cliff that most small charities have fewer trustees than us, and following the discussion about Kileva Connect, the following trustees were elected:

  • Paul Burbidge
  • Cliff Evans
  • Mark Harris
  • Stephen Taylor

Jocelyn Sewell will continue to provide secretarial help, and the others will become Friends of Kileva who provide support to the charity whenever possible. Furthermore, once details of the Kileva Connect scheme have been discussed with the Kileva Eastfield teachers and parents, particularly during the forthcoming trip to Kenya, then the Friends of Kileva can assess if they would like to act as one of the Kileva Connect Co-ordinators, and therefore apply for re-election to the Board of Trustees.

Action CE: Discuss with the four retiring trustees who were not present at the meeting whether they would like to be involved as a UK co-ordinators for Kileva Connect.

5.       Any Other Business

  • The 2016 visit to Kenya is planned for 18/3/16 – 26/3/16. As all seven participants were present, the travel arrangements and itinerary were discussed.

Action CE: Inform Lucy King and Joannah Stutchbury of date of visit. Send itinerary details to Kilele and Margaret.

  • As always the trustees would like to thank the Kileva Eastfield School committee, teachers and parents in Mwakoma for their hard work in making the school so successful. However in particular they would like to thank Margaret Kiriro and Godwin Kilele because without their continued dedication and commitment, the work of the Kileva Foundation in Kenya would not be possible.

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