Government build new Pre-School at Kileva Eastfield

I am delighted to say that Kileva Eastfield is one of the Sagalla schools that has recently benefited from government investment in the area of Early Childhood development in Education (ECDE) or Pre-School as we know it in the UK. In fact a new ECDE building has been erected at the school as shown in he following photos:

As well as Kileva Eastfield, 12 other schools in the Sagalla region benefited from the recent investment, and in recognition of this the Honourable John Mruyu, Governor of Taita Tavetta County, visited Sagalla to see the work that had been done. With him were Madam Jemimah Tuja, the County Minister for Education who visited the UK in 2014 (click here for details), and the Member of the County Assembly for Sagalla, our very own Kilele.

In total, around 1.5 million Kenyan shillings (about £10.4k) were invested in ECDE development, and 3.5 million (£24.3k) in secondary schools. County Education and Libraries Chief Officer Philomena Kirote said the ECDE funds had bought 730 chairs, 200 tables, 68 high density mattress, 16 sufurias  and 51 chairs and tables for the teachers.

The schools that benefited were Kileva, Kirumbi, Wray, Marie, Talio,  Mchanga, Mwambiti, Kajire, Mlondo, Kizumanzi, Kanyanga, Nzae, Sagalla, Mwachoki, Mosi, Sowa and Zungwani.


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