Day 6 of UK Team Trip to Kenya, March 2016

Voi Town

As it was Good Friday,the schools in the area were closed and so we took the opportunity to have a good look round Voi and the vibrant market that has become more and more vibrant over the 10 years we’ve been visiting.

New White House Academy

A lady we met a number of years ago when she was managing of the Sagalla Lodge is Annedore Biberstine, a wonderful lady originally from Switzerland but who now lives at the New White House Academy School, where she is the Director.


Cliff, Kilele, Margaret and Annedore

When we visited the school at the beginning of the week, Paul gave Annedore a gift of some cake forks, and so Annedore said that she would bake one of her famous cakes so that we could try out the forks to celebrate Paul’s birthday.

So, the big event this morning was to go back to the New White House Academy to eat cake!

Madam Mary comes to the party

It you’ve read my previous post you’ll remember that the previous day we’d traveled to Wundanyi to meet some of the Taita-Taveta government officials. Among them was the Her Excellency the Honourable Mary Ndigha, the Deputy Governor of Taita-Taveta. Jane and I had been honoured to have Mary stay with us in Devizes in 2014 when she visited the UK as part of a government delegation (click HERE for details).  As we hadn’t had long enough to talk the day before, Mary said she would meet us at Annedore’s so that we could have a better chat, and she could join in the fun!


Madam Mary, Cliff and Mary’s daughter

Annedore’s cake for Paul

The cake cutting ceremony

A lovely tradition in Kenya is that the person whose birthday it is has the first piece of cake fed to them by one of the guests, so here is Mary performing the honours.


Next the person whose birthday it is feeds the other guests a piece:


Bricks for the new Secondary School

Annedore has done a truly fantastic job at the school, and her work is continuing with the building of a brand new secondary school right next to the current primary school. Here are some ‘photos and a video of some bricks being made for the new building:


Addressing the pupils

As many of the pupils at the Academy board at the school, a number of them stay there during the holidays and so Annedore arranged for them to sing for us before we left, and (as usual!) Mr Cliff was asked to make a speech:


Back at the lodge

It was as if the elephants knew it was our last evening at the lodge because not long after we returned we were treated to yet another spectacular display from a herd that came to drink at the water hole.

Another beautiful sunset


More cake

Another tradition that’s been established by the Lodge over the past few times we’ve stayed is that on our last night they bake us a leaving cake, and so that evening we were delighted to receive a cake from Hilary, the Restaurant Manager.  This had definitely been a day for cake-lovers!



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