Day 3 of UK Team Trip to Kenya, March 2016

This was the day we went up the Sagalla mountain.

The Sagalla Chief

First we visited the Chief at his office in Teri, where it was still pretty warm despite the elevated position. Nevertheless the Chief was smartly dressed in his thick woolen pullover.

Jane was also very pleased that she managed to get her photograph taken with one of the Chief’s guards 🙂

Health Clinic in Kanyanga

From there we went on to the visit the Health Centre in Kanyanga, where we were honoured to have the Director show us round the centre, and be able to meet the steering committee that is made up of representatives from many of the nearby villages.

Co-located at the Centre is the Sagalla Youth Resource Centre where an impressive group of young people offer Youth Friendly Services to their peers within the community. Advice on key health and disease prevention issues is offered, and access to internet resources on related subjects is being made available.

Primary School in Kizumanzi

Finally we tackled one or two of the more challenging local roads to make our way to the Kizumanzi Primary School.

Once there we met the Headteacher and a number of the school committee, teachers and parents before presenting Kileva certificates and medals, plus other prizes provided by Kilele to the top 3 students in each class at the school.

Preparing for the celebrations

Entertainment & presentation ceremony

The View across Tsavo East

Finally, after the excitement of the Kizumanzi celebrations, we had time to take in the magnificent views back across the plains of Tsavo East National Park before heading down the mountain and back to another beautiful evening at the Voi Wildlife Lodge.

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