Day 2 of UK Team Trip to Kenya, March 2016

Kileva Eastfield School

The second day of our Kenya trip focused mainly on a visit to Kileva Eastfield School.

Preparing for the celebrations

Kileva Connect

Having seen the preparations being made for the celebrations that would take place later that morning, we met with the teachers to talk about the proposed new Kileva Connect scheme.  A document had been submitted to the headmaster earlier this year which proposed the establishment of clubs at the school to help pupils expand their education and participation in various extra-curricular subjects including:

  • Wildlife and Environment
  • Farming
  • Games
  • Music and Dance
  • Health and Fitness

Rotary SuperChoir

Next we witnessed a remarkable first at the school when it hosted the first Rotary SuperChoir event to be held in Africa, indeed anywhere outside the UK.  The following video captures that amazing event.

Kileva Prize Giving Ceremony

It was then time for the Kileva Prize Giving Ceremony. First we presented each pupil a new t-shirt which they’d be able to use later for sports events.

Then, as has now become traditional, we presented the top 3 pupils in each class with a Kileva Awards Certificate of Achievement and medal.

Following the prize-giving we sat back and enjoyed further entertainment provided by the pupils:


Villagers Dancing

Having watched the pupils dancing, their parents and other villagers couldn’t resist joining in:


Baba Paul’s Birthday Party

When we were planning the visit to Kenya, Paul pointed out that it would be around the time of his 75th birthday, and therefore offered to fund a party at the school to celebrate the occasion. Here are the ‘photos of the food that was prepared for everyone at the event including pupils, teachers, parents and visitors.

Nzumu’s Farm

One of the first farmers to have a beehive fence erected around his farm was Nzumu. Since then he has taken great care of his fence and hives and as a result his farm has produced some lovely honey:


Nzumu has also been of great support to the Elephants and Bees Team, helping them to liaise with the rest of the farming community so that a number of fences could be erected around other farms in the neighborhood.


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  1. Heartwarming x

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