Kileva Farm Kick-Off Meeting

Last week Joannah and Mr Phanuel arranged a meeting at the school to discuss the Kileva Farm project with parents and other villagers. About 25 people attended along with Mr. Phanuel, who helped Joannah out with any missing Swahili words!



Permaculture Basics

Joannah gave a brief overview of the basis of permaculture, including the 3 ethics, namely Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share which are shown at the centre of the following diagram together with  the 12 permaculture principles.


The main point stressed at the meeting was that by developing  the correct types of soil then good, nutritious food will be forthcoming.

Outside Classroom

Joannah also showed the diagram showing the layout of the new permaculture shamba (farm).  It is agreed that the outdoor classroom/nursery would begin later that week, and that it would be  a traditional type circular building, with open sides and a thatched roof. In Joannah’s words:

“There is a lot of dry grass in the neighbourhood right now which the parents will bring to the site, and they will erect the building themselves. We shall use it in the beginning as a nursery and, as the shamba develops, we will sort out a dedicated nursery area. I have brought many tree seeds (Moringa, Custard Apple etc) which we can get involved in growing, although I shall buy the main ones which are already established as seedlings from Wildlife Works down the road at Kasagau.

Warm regards.


Camp Manager
Elephants and Bees Research Center
Human-Elephant Co-Existence Program, Tsavo
Save the Elephants
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