Kileva Farm Preparation

JoannahHaving received and approved the Kileva Farm feasibility report shown in my previous post, the next key step was to appoint someone to manage the establishment of the farm. Lucy approached Joannah (the report author) and she agreed to move to Sagalla to become the manager of the Elephant & Bees Research Centre near the school and to establish the farm at the same time.

Water Tank

One of the first tasks undertaken was to get one of the large water tanks in place. This is circled in red on Joannah’s map of the farm shown below.

Joannah acquired the materials required to build the new base, and to supply the tank with rain water from the nearby classroom guttering as shown in the following photo of the Head Teacher Mr Phanuel next to the new tank:


Compost and Seedlings

The next task was for the pupils to clear the field of vegetation, with Joannah making sure that they didn’t burn the vegetation as usual, but instead kept it to turn into mulch and compost. Joannah then started propagating some seedlings including Loufer creeper, Moringa and some fruit trees. She’s doing this at the Elephants and Bees camp near the school, as she can keep an eye on them there until they’re established, when she can then take them across to the farm.

Once the Outdoor Classroom is built (Circled in blue on the map above) it can double up as a nursery for new trees and plants. Joannah tells me it will have a thatched roof, and Nzumu (one of the local farmers and part of the Elephant & Bees Project Team) says that shouldn’t be a problem as there is a lot of grass around at the moment.

Then we will have water and shade so the project can get properly started.  Watch this space …

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