Kileva 2015 Project Review

The Kileva Board of Trustees (BOT) met recently to discuss the proposed projects to be undertaken during 2015. Click on the following link to view a report from the meeting: Kileva Project Review Report.  

In summary:

  • Sports: It should be possible to provide most of the equipment required over the next year with help from further donations.
  • Computer Room & Training: This is a large scale project with high costs and training requirements.  Neither CE nor PB has had a response regarding the government scheme. Kileva is unable to fund or offer the training and support required on its own. The successful introduction of computers into the school would need to be led by the government. This project is to be put on hold until the government’s intentions are clearer.
  • Dormitories: Building two rooms at the sizes currently quoted for (21’ x 30’ and 21’ x 27’) would require many more funds than Kileva has available, or is likely to be able to raise in the coming year. However, if the cost can be reduced by reducing the size of the rooms then this project becomes feasible and the BOT would like to support the project.
  • Security Fencing: The security of the school site is important and increasingly so when the dormitories are built (and if the computer room project happens in the future). The BOT approved the plan to look into the possibility of fencing the school, but an accurate plan of the site is needed which includes the position of the dormitory blocks.

For further details of the above projects take a look at the report from the meeting  (Kileva Project Review Reportand keep a look out for news on the above major projects (plus smaller ones as they crop up) throughout the year.



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