Help for Class 8 at Kileva Eastfield

Over the past couple of months or so government teachers in Kenya have been on strike over a demand for more pay. This of course has caused considerable disruption to millions of pupils throughout the country, including those at Kileva Eastfield. As I’ve mentioned before, this is a particularly crucial time for our Class 8 pupils as they are about to take their KCPE exams (click HERE for details) and so we decided to send additional funding to pay for the pupils to stay full-time at the school, including evenings, overnight and at weekends so that they could catch up with their studies.

Below are some photos of some of the supplies that were bought with the funds, together with a report from Mr George and Madam Agnes regarding how things have been organised at the school to cope with the extra lessons.

I’m sure all this extra effort by everyone involved will help during this difficult time, and I’m also sure you’ll join me in hoping all the pupils will keep working as hard as they can up to and during the exams, and we all wish them the very best of luck.

Best wishes



Extra Supplies


a How Boarding is Conducted - 1

a How Boarding is Conducted - 2



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  1. Paul Burbidge

    Well done, Cliff, I think this is a superb response to the strike problem, and demonstrates, yet again, your dedication to the wellbeing and future of the children at Eastfield. Paul

  2. Not only an amazing response from the charity, but well done to the staff and children too – long, long learning days. Our school children could learn so much from Eastfield.

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