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Renovations and further electrification at Kileva Eastfield School


It’s amazing to think that the many of the classrooms at Kileva Eastfield are now quite a few years old, and so we’re currently in the process of re-decorating all the buildings, both inside and out.  In addition we are having to re-concrete the floors of classrooms 3 & 4, and replacing the doors to the boys’ toilet, the staff room, staff quarters and classrooms 4, 5 & 6, all of which have been attacked by termites. We’re also replacing many of the wooden window frames for the same reason. Hungry little devils those termites!

Further electrification

PEEPI’m also delighted to say that the school electrification project that began at the end of last year (click HERE for details) has been extended so that lighting and power points can be fed to the remaining buildings at the school.

Once again all this electrification work is due to Paul’s generosity, and so thanks very much to him on behalf of everyone at Eastfield.

Best wishes,


Kileva Eastfield Pre School Graduation Ceremony

WP_20151119_034A tradition has developed at Kileva Eastfield to have a ceremony at this time of year to celebrate the graduation of the Pre-School pupils to the Primary School. Pictures of this year’s event are shown below and you’ll see that Margaret was invited back to the school be guest of honour.

Please join me in welcoming all the new pupils to Kileva Eastfield Primary, and let’s wish them all the very best in their primary school career!

Best wishes


PS: If you’d like to see a few ‘photos from last year’s event click HERE 



Margaret chats to the pupils

Gifts handed out

Proud parents and Pupils sat in front of the Primary School

Celebration cake

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