White Horse Challenge : Westbury


A few weeks ago Joe and I climbed the white horse at Westbury, the eighth and final one in the 2014 Kileva White Horse Challenge.


The horse is on Westbury Hill which is north-east of Westbury near to the villages of Bratton and Edington. It’s immediately below the Iron Age  hill fort at Bratton Camp on the edge of the Bratton Downs.  It’s the oldest of the Wiltshire white horses having been there for at least three hundred years. The earliest mention of it is in “Further Observations on the White Horse and other Antiquities in Berkshire” by the Reverend Wise, published in 1742.

In 1778, a Mr. George Gee, who was steward to Lord Abingdon, had the horse re-cut as apparently he felt that the older version was not a sufficiently good representation of a horse. In 1873 it was renovated and edging stones were added, and in the early twentieth century concrete was added to hold the stones in place. The entire horse was then covered in concrete in the late nineteen-fifties to reduce maintenance costs, and this was repeated in 1995.

The Kileva Flag

As this was the final white horse in the 2014 White Horse Challenge, we decided to take a flag with us to commemorate the event.  This magnificent flag (well Joe and I liked it) can be seen in the following picture of Joe as he stands near the horse’s eye, plus it features in the video below.




As Joe & I had now become “experts” in the Wiltshire White Horses we decided that we’d rate them according to attributes such as ease of access, its surroundings, and the views offered from the horse. Here’s the resulting top 3:

1    Cherhill
2= Alton Barnes, Westbury
3    Devizes

Congratulations to all 3 for being given such an honour!


Thanks again to everyone who’s sponsored Joe & I over the past few months, and for anyone who’d still like to do so simply click on the image below and follow the instructions on our JustGiving page.

Very best wishes,

Cliff & Joe


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