White Horse Challenge : Pewsey


On the same day that Jo, Poppy Dog and I completed the Marlborough White Horse Challenge, we also took on the one at Pewsey.


Original Horse

The original Pewsey White Horse  was located on the same hill as the current one which is about a mile south of Pewsey. It’s thought that it was cut in about 1785 and then scoured in 1789, but this was probably the first and last time this was done as the landowner objected to the festivities which accompanied it and refused to allow it again. Consequently by the mid 1930’s the chalk was no longer visible, although the outline of the head and body could just be made out.

Current Horse

In 1937, George Marples, an authority on hill carvings, was looking for a suitable way of commemorating the Coronation of George VI, and so it was decided to do so by carving a new white horse. The horse was cut in late April 1937 by volunteers from Pewsey Fire Brigade, and originally had the year – 1937 – cut above it, although that is no longer visible.


The horse faces left, and looks out across Pewsey Vale towards the Alton Barnes horse which is the first one that Joe & I climbed.



Below is the customary video, but unfortunately once again the sound isn’t too good. It tends to be pretty windy at the top of hills in Wiltshire, so that’s my excuse 🙂

And finally

The eighth and last of the Wiltshire white horses to be climbed is the one at Westbury, so look out for the final White Horse Challenge post in the next week or two.

Best wishes,



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