White Horse Challenge : Broad Town


Earlier this week Joe, Poppy and I successfully completed the second of the Kileva White Horse Challenges in support of the 2014 Kileva Appeal.

Mud on the way

The Broad Town white horse is reached by footpaths from the village of Broad Town, which is about three miles south of Wootton Bassett.  As most of you will know the weather in the UK hasn’t improved much so once again we encountered quite a bit of mud on the way!


The Broad Town horse is on land which once belonged to Littletown Farm. According to Reverend Plenderleath, writing in 1885, it was cut in 1864 by a William Simmonds, who held the farm then. Simmonds claimed later that it had been his intention to enlarge the horse gradually over the years, but he had to give up the farm and so did not have the opportunity.

1 on the way

However there’s another version of the origin of the horse. The Curator of the Imperial War Museum, in a newspaper interview in 1919, said that as a schoolboy in 1863 he had helped scour the horse, and that he had been told at that time that it was at least fifty years old then. If that’s true, then William Simmonds may have simply scoured the horse in 1864, rather than cut it as he claimed.

On the way up

6 on the way up

You can see in the picture below Littletown nursey farmhouse in the foreground and Broadtown just beyond that.

7 still climbing

At the horse

The horse is about 80 by 60 feet (24 by 18 m) in size, and is composed of fine compacted chalk which had become pretty sticky with all the rain we’ve had and so smears of it ended up on my and Joe’s clothing, and of course on Poppy’s paws.


Below is another ‘photo of the Littletown farmhouse and the lovely views towards the west across Broad Town village and beyond.

That’s the second of 8 horses completed and was again a great day out for me, Joe and Poppy, although the car is beginning to suffer a bit from all the mud we’re carting into it! There will now be a gap of a few weeks before we tackle the horse at Cherhill, which is only a few miles from Joe’s house in Calne.


I’d like to thank Rosetta, Ed & Gill, Charlotte & Paul, Barbara and finally Sara for sponsoring us since we climbed the first horse, and if anyone else would like to do the same please click on the image below and follow the instructions on our JustGiving page.




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