Further support from Care For The Wild

In my previous post I mentioned some of the things on the “to do” list at Kileva Eastfield. The first entry in the list was “Educational trips out for the Kileva Eastfield pupils to places like the Tsavo Game Park”.


Well, I’m delighted to say that I’ve received the note below from Margaret explaining that the Care For The Wild International organisation (click HERE for an example of previous support given by them) will be taking the kids, teachers and school committee into the park on two occasions next month – see item 2 in the calendar of events below!

This is terrific news and I know will be of huge benefit and enjoyment to the kids, so many thanks to Care For The Wild for their continued support.

Best wishes


Hi Cliff.

On 28th January, Pathan’s group visited the school and informed us about the plans they had for the school and this is what we agreed with them:

  1. 28th February 2014 will be 1st wildlife films for elephants of tsavo of the african big cats.
  2. 22nd and 29th March 2014 there will be trips to Tsavo East National Park for all pupils,teachers and school management committee.juices and snacks will be served by them.
  3. 10th April 2014 it will be school tree planting day involving pupils,teachers and parents.
  4. 23rd May 2014 film for running dry remedy / prevention against drought.
  5. 20th June 2014 film for lion king about the food chain.
  6. 25th July 2014 conservation talk whereby officer from KWS will be invited.
  7. 26th September  conservation talk .
  8. 24th October there will be last film.

Then on 3rd February Asgar Pathan came back to school with the following Memorandum of  Understand between Care for the Wild (Kenya) and Kileva Primary.

memo 001

They also were suggesting that we set aside 1ha for a forest whereby they will bring indigenous trees and fruits trees to be planted near the baobab tree which will be a benefit for the school.

Margy Kiriro.

memo 002

memo 003

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