2014 Kileva 5k Challenges


Back at the beginning of this year I announced the 2014 Kileva Foundation Appeal. At the time two challenges, namely the Kileva White Horse Challenge and the Kileva Devizes to Bristol Cycle Ride were planned and have now been completed.

As regular readers will know I undertook the first of those with Joe, my eldest grandson, and when the  final one (at Westbury) was complete we began to think of what other challenge we could do to finish off the year in style.  Cousin Paul suggested we could visit all the White Horse pubs in Wiltshire, but although I was sorely tempted, Joe and I decided instead to do a couple of 5k Santa Fun Runs instead.

The first is in Marlow on Sunday 7th December and the second is in Portsmouth on the following Sunday.

I’m sure for the regular runners amongst you this will seem pretty tame, but for a man who’s trying to keep up with an excellent young runner (Joe took part in a recent Wiltshire Schools County trials event) who’s 50 years his junior, it will be quite a challenge! The fact that I’m having the metalwork taken out of my broken collar bone tomorrow may also be a hindrance, but on the other hand I’ll be that little bit lighter so I’m hoping it may help!

Joe & I prior to a training run (I looked too tired to be photographed afterwards)

The other good news is that my daughter Katie, Tara and Mark will be joining Joe and I in the Marlow run so there’ll be others to help drag me along.

Anyway, if you’d like to push the 2014 Kileva Appeal just a bit closer to it’s target please click on the following picture and follow the instructions.


Thanks for your support and best wishes,

Cliff, Joe, Katie, Tara & Mark

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  1. Hi Cliff, it looks like I’ll not be able to make the fun run as I need to be elsewhere that morning. Sorry

    I’m going to promote it to my mailing list though of course.


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