Kileva Foundation 2014 Annual General Meeting

The minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Kileva Foundation are shown below.

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Kileva Foundation Annual General Meeting

9th November 2014


  • Cliff Evans (Chair)
  • Jane Evans (Treasurer)
  • Jocelyn Sewell (Secretary)
  • Mark Harris (Marketing and Communications Director) – by Skype
  • Anne Hodgson
  • Spencer Hodgson
  • Stephen Taylor
  • Paul Burbidge


  • Alison Ainge
  • Damien Ainge
  • John Craft
  • Godwin Kilele
  • Margaret Kiriro

Trustees Annual Report

Cliff presented the Trustees’ Annual Report to the Charity Commission for the period 1/11/13 to 31/10/14.

The charity received sufficient funds this year to achieve a great deal, particularly at Kileva Eastfield Primary School.

Main Achievements during the Year

Kileva Eastfield Primary School, Mwakoma Kenya

  • Educational supplies (books etc) provided.
  • Furniture provided.
  • Lunches and water provided.
  • Uniforms provided.
  • Electrical wiring installed.
  • Salaries of 3 teachers and 1 security guard paid.
  • College fees paid for teachers.
  • New buildings for class 8 erected
  • Additional staff houses erected & existing ones renovated
  • New staff toilet and wash room built.

Kileva Medical Dispensary, Kirumbi Kenya

  • Medical supplies provided.

Kileva Educational Awards Programme, Voi District Kenya

  • Kileva certificates and medals provided

The AGM approved the report which will be sent to the Charity Commission. It was noted that the Mikandani School (Nairobi) section of the Kileva Foundation which was funded separately is no longer receiving any donations and the Mikandani bank account has now been closed. A revised constitution will be put to the Trustees for approval and then sent to the Charity Commission.

Retirement of existing Officers and Trustees

In line with clause 18, sub-clause 3 of the constitution, the existing officers (Cliff Evans, Jane Evans, and Jocelyn Sewell), and the other Trustees, (Mark Harris, Damien Ainge, Alison Ainge, John Craft and Stephen Taylor) retired.

Election of Officers and Trustees for 2014/15

The following officers were elected:

  • Chair                  Cliff Evans
  • Treasurer        Stephen Taylor

The following trustees were elected:

  • Cliff Evans
  • Jane Evans
  • Damien Ainge
  • Alison Ainge
  • John Craft
  • Mark Harris
  • Anne Hodgson
  • Spencer Hodgson
  • Stephen Taylor

Mr Paul Burbidge has also been elected as a trustee subject to the necessary completion of paperwork with the Charity Commission. Mark Harris agreed to continue in the role of Marketing and Communications Director, and Jocelyn Sewell will continue to provide secretarial help.

Investment Possibilities 2014/15

The charity is committed to regular payments to cover the cost of salaries for two teachers and a security guard, lunches and water, communications, transport, extra exam papers and school outings/competitions.

Funding has been requested for school uniforms, sports kits, an administration block, a dormitory block and toilets, a dining hall, a library/computer room and school security. To allow the Trustees to decide on which project/s should take priority, pairs of Trustees volunteered to be ‘project champions’ for particular projects. They will research the cost, (both immediate and also the on-going commitment linked to some projects), look into how important their project is to the continued success of the school and report back to a Trustee meeting in the New Year where a firm decision will be made about what will be funded in 2015.

Promotional Ideas

Cliff asked for more commitment and action from the Trustees to promote the charity in whatever way they could think of. On the basis that for every 100 people who learn about us, we are lucky if one will actually donate or help, we all need to spread the Kileva message as much as possible.

Kileva Gift Cards

The new catalogue is available on line and Cliff has produced an A4 information sheet which can be printed and distributed.

The Kileva Story

Cliff has a powerpoint presentation on ‘The Kileva Story’ and regularly gives talks about Kileva to various groups. He encouraged the Trustees to think about any groups in their area who would be interested in a speaker. If we don’t feel confident enough to present ourselves, Cliff is willing to travel and tell the Kileva story to anyone who will listen, but we have to help him find the audience.

Cliff and Mark are working on a new branding initiative with Reading University. As part of their 3rd year Design thinking, branding & visual identity course, students from the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication are looking into how they can help us to update areas such as the web site and blog to better reflect our values and desired look and feel.

Kileva Interact

This is a long term plan to promote contact between people in the UK and Sagalla through computing, education and sport. It is in its early stages of development, but as an example, we have already got the necessary permissions from the Kenyan government to allow students from Bristol Dental School to visit Sagalla for their elective projects.

Fund Raising

Raising funds is always a challenge. Relying on the generosity of friends and relatives is not viable for long term commitments. Cliff asked the Trustees to think of different ways of raising money. He made some suggestions and there was discussion about the relative merits of sponsored events where a donation is solicited, and things like quiz evenings where the donor gets something for their money.

Any Other Business

There was a very successful visit in the summer by four officials from the Taita Taveta County Government. Jane and Cliff were delighted to welcome Mary Ndiga Kibuka, Deputy Governor, Jemimah Kambe Tuja, a member of the County Education Committee, Raymond Mwangola, member for Wundanyi/Mbale Ward and our very own Godwin Kilele, member for Sagalla Ward.

As always the trustees would like to thank the Kileva Eastfield School committee, teachers and parents in Mwakoma for their hard work in making the school so successful. However in particular they would like to thank Godwin Kilele and Margaret Kiriro because without their continued dedication and commitment the work of the Kileva Foundation in Kenya would not be possible.

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