Kileva Eastfield School gains official registration

The Past

It’s just over eight years now since that emotional morning back in October of 2006 when I committed to the villagers of Mwakoma that the newly formed Kileva Foundation charity would replace their old pre-school with a new one and would build a new primary school alongside it.

The Present

Eight years later that’s exactly what we’ve done, and so now the villagers have a pre-school and primary school of which they, the teachers, the parents and the pupils can be proud.

To cap it all we’ve just received a certificate from Kenya’s  State Department of Education confirming that the Kileva Eastfield Primary School has now been officially registered.

Registration Cert 2

It’s been a remarkable journey that none of us that have been involved will ever forget, particularly the kids that have grown up almost as fast as the school has!

The Future

Now that the basic structure of the school is in place, and with your continued support, we can look forward to adding extra facilities such as dormitories, a library / computer room and sports facilities, and thereby enable us to provide extra curricular activities for not only pupils, but also for their families and the community as a whole.

Best wishes,


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  1. Robert Machin

    This is a wonderful thing, Cliff. Well done.


    Well done!! Sen

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