Trees and bees

Planting trees in and around the Kileva Eastfield School grounds has always been something we’ve been keen on, and has been supported in the past by organisations such as Care For The Wild (click HERE for details). Consequently it’s great to report that more trees have been planted during the recent rainy spell as shown in the following photos.

As well as making sure that there are plenty of trees in and around the school, it’s also important that there’s enough plants to feed the honey bees that are living in beehives that are helping to protect the local farms from elephants.

I’m therefore delighted to hear that Dr Lucy King’s Elephants & Bees Project has established a herbarium in their Elephants and Bees Research Centre near the school. The herbarium helps to Logoidentify all the bee fodder plants that healthy honey bees need to survive on and to produce their honey.

The work is being undertaken in collaboration with the expertise of Ethno-Botanist Anne Powys from the Suyian Trust, and with Dr Flora Namu and her team of interns from Kenya’s Karatina University.

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