ECDE meeting with Hon Jemimah Tuja, Minister for Education Taita Taveta County

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At the end of 2012 Margaret completed her training certificate in Early Childhood Development, and as part of that submitted a report which I published in parts (click HERE for details).

Recently she, Agnes and Lydia attended a meeting on the same subject. Margaret’s report on the meeting is shown below.



From:  Margaret Kiriro
Date: 10th January, 2014

Hi Cliff

As discussed previously,we had an ECDE meeting yesterday which started around 10 am. I was together with madam Agness and Lidya.


The meeting was all about school registration, pre schools being under county government and teachers employment.

Registered Teachers

First off all the county has registered all ECDE teachers in the county who are 805 in number.

There are 431 ecde centers in taita taveta county with 11,648 boys and 12,005 girls.this is for both public and private schools.

Teacher  Employment

About employment: we are going to be paid by the county government starting from this January. This does not mean we are already taken, we are still waiting for a bill to be passed in the county assembly which will determine our pays. They have already suggested that the certificate teacher be paid 10,000 and diploma 15,000, just fixed as it is and no allowances.

For now there is no job security so we are working without promotion, and so many other things denied. Teachers were urged to further their education standards so that they can get better positions at work; ie we should not depend on certificates and diplomas only, we should go further to get degrees and masters.

Teacher Appointments

The ratio which they will use while posting the teachers in schools is 1 teacher is to 25 children, so if you have a large number of children in school, the more the teachers you will get.

Any teacher who will be employed should take his job seriously because if one fails to perform in class, he/she will be thrown out of the school and someone else will replace his /her gap. They have kept a lot of restrictions on there jobs, I really don’t know as to why. Maybe because its the first employment, but I still don’t have the answer.


They also discussed much about what the county is planning to do in the future like

  1. Organising for seminars,workshops and refresher courses
  2. Improving material development in all EDCE centres
  3. Improvement of physical facilities
  4. Construct resource centres to all sub counties
  5. Providing transportation facilities at county and sub county levels
  6. Community mobilisation,capacity building and mobilisation
  7. Involving all the stakeholders to support EDCE fully

I think this is the summary which I wanted to give you. Once we start filling the forms and after sometimes getting the employment letters, I will inform you.



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  1. Edwin lelei

    Please let the counties take the teachers and pay them like other workers in the county.

  2. we hope that the teachers will be absorbed under county payroll soon…ecda teaching is the most complex thing than teaching adult students,i thought they would get higher pay than the tsc p1 teachers….funny

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