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Devizes to Bristol Bike Ride Challenge 2014


When I first announced the Kileva Foundation 2014 Appeal (click HERE for details) I mentioned that there would be two challenges, namely the White Horse Challenge and the Devizes to Bristol Bike Ride Challenge. During the year I’ve been posting entries to this blog as Joe and I completed the White Horse Challenges, and I’m delighted to say that last month Katie, Jos, Steve, Paul and I not only completed the bike challenge last month but also had a thoroughly enjoyable time doing so!


From L to R : Paul, me, Steve, Katie, Jos

In Paul’s words: “The bicycle ride was great. We did 41 miles in perfect cycling weather, and, at the end, we all felt we could turn around and ride back.” Quite a statement from a 73 year old riding a 77 year old bike (!) although it’s a sentiment echoed by us. In fact we enjoyed it so much that we hope to make it an annual event, so if you’d like to join us in 2015 please let me know.

Meanwhile below are a few photos and a video (courtesy of Paul) of this year’s challenge.

Best wishes


PS: Thanks to Jean who joined us for the first half of the challenge so that she could make sure we didn’t get lost in Bath, and to Jane who came and collected Katie, Paul and I from Bristol so that we didn’t have to turn round and cycle all the way back to Devizes!

Approaching “The Flight” of locks just west of Devizes


A few miles outside Devizes

Time for tea near Bradford on Avon

Jean (who made sure we didn’t get lost going through Bath) is on the right of the 1st photo.

On the way through Bath

Time for tea (again!) at the old Warmley waiting room on the disused railway line towards Bristol


Made it! Outside Bristol Temple Mead Railway Station



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