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Kileva Eastfield gets new textbooks

So far, due to some great support from Kileva donors, this has been a good year for further developing the infrastructure at Kileva Eastfield Primary School.   For example we’ve built more teachers’ living accommodation and completed a new classroom at the school, and we’ve also connected a number of rooms to the main electricity supply.

However  I regularly receive requests for additional items such as the new text books  mentioned in the letters below:

1All classes books 2 All classes books

(The total of 1,156 Kenyan Shillings is about £100 at today’s exchange rate, so on average the books cost £3.60 each)

2 Class 7


Although it’s often difficult to fulfil such requests, I’m pleased to say that on this occasion we had sufficient funds available and so we were able to buy all the requested books as can be seen in the following ‘photos:

As you can probably imagine delivery of such books means a great deal to everyone involved, not only the teachers (including the Headteacher Mr Bonface Mbuma shown above) and pupils, but also the parents and school officials, so on behalf of them all I’d like to thank our regular Kileva donors for helping to build a better future for them.

Best wishes,


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