Class 7 Balcony & New Desks

I mentioned in my last post that all that remained in terms of the main construction of class 7 at Kileva Eastfield Primary was to is to build the balcony. Well here it is:

I also mentioned that when funds permitted we would render and paint the outside walls in line with the rest of the buildings. Although we currently only have enough funds for the front wall, this has now been done as can be seen in the following further ‘photos from Margaret:

Doesn’t it look great?! And the icing on the cake is that we also have some brand new desks in there …

EM_13 (1)

Thanks again to everyone who contributed, and in particular to Margaret who, as always, did a fantastic job in organising the whole thing.

I’m sure Class 7 will be very proud of the new classroom when they begin to use it at the beginning of 2014!

Best wishes,


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  1. let standard seven pupil be proud of their class and perform results

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