Local and Divisional Sports Meetings


Following the success of the Kileva Eastfield School at the Kajire Athletics meeting earlier this year (click HERE for details) school teams have continued to compete with local teams including ones at the Whitehouse Academy, Mwambiti Primary and Gedion Mosi Primary as described in the following note from Margaret:

Local Meetings

18th May 2013, Mwakoma, Kenya

Hi Cliff,

I am glad to inform you that we and children are doing well, and we are now attending various at other schools.  Both our boys and girls handball and football teams played a friendly match with the Whitehouse Academy 2 days ago, and yesterday we had completions at Mwambiti Primary whereby our girls beat Kajire girls with 10 scores to 2. It was a bit challenging to the boys because they met older boys, but it wasn’t a worry so much because we were looking for best players whereby majority came from our school.

Action During the games

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Team Photos

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Divisional Meetings

Later in May we paid for the teams and others from the Kileva Eastfield to travel Gideon Mosi Primary at the other side of the Sagalla mountain, and that five of our pupils were chosen to take part in the divisional competitions that took place on 31st May.

Congratulations to all involved!


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