Margaret’s Exam Results

At the end of last year I posted an entry explaining that Margaret had successfully finished her teacher training course – click HERE for details.

I can now report that she has received the results of her exams and am delighted to say that she came in the top 5 out of a class of 54 students.

SCAN 002

This means that Margaret is now fully qualified to teach pupils from pre-school to standard 3, and can also teach students attending the same course (Early Childhood Development and Education) at college.

I must confess that I am extremely proud of Margaret, and encourage you all to join me in congratulating her on her fantastic achievement.

Best wishes



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  1. Jocelyn Sewell

    Well done Margaret. So pleased to hear of your great results. All your hard work has paid off.

    Jos Sewell

  2. Well done Margaret!

  3. Good! Better! Keep it Up! Congratulations Margaret

  4. Congratulation Madam Margaret.

  5. Kelly Evans

    That’s fantastic – very impressive Margaret!

  6. joseph tinga

    congrts maggy keep the ball rolling

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