The Best Teachers From Scotland

As I mentioned in my recent posts about the Kileva UK 2013 Team visits to Kenya last month, a number of special lessons were run at the Kileva Eastfield Primary School to teach all the kids in the school about:

  • Art (run by Eileen & Victoria)
  • Singing & dance (run by Christine)
  • Science of measurement (run by John)

Here’s a selection of letters the kids wrote about the experience (click on the letters for larger versions):

“The week was fabulous and I will live to remember”

Naftal Mwambala

01 Naftal Mwambala - the week was fabulous and I will live to remember

“They (the Scottish Teachers) taught us good things and we thank them.  They love children and they have a good heart. And when they taught they did funny things and nobody was sad; everybody was happy. It was fabulous.”

Rachael Mwangome

02 Rachael Mwangome - funny things

“All the teachers were wonderful”

Fenny Sogha

03 Fenny Sogha - teachers were wonderful

“I really enjoyed all what our visitors presented to us”

Milton Mwakima

04 Milton Mwakima - verses shown

Post Script

Unfortunately we didn’t video the kids singing the song “Mairi’s Wedding” which is mentioned above, but in case you’re wondering what it sounds like here’s a version I found on Youtube (click on the image to play)

Mairi's Wedding

For the record this was the winner of the Junior Choreography section performed at the Scottish Highland Dance Academy Internationals competition held in Western Australia in 2012.

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