Beehive Fence Project Art Competition


I know many of you are interested in Dr Lucy King’s Elephants and Bees Project where her team are using Beehive Fences as a natural elephant deterrent and creating a social and economic boost to various communities throughout Africa, including the low lands of Sagalla.  Take a look at the Elephants & Bees category on the right for the background to the Sagallan project, and see the email below to get an update of a recent visit by Lucy and her team to the Eastfield Primary School:

From: Lucy King <>
Sent: Friday, 8 November 2013, 11:03
Subject: Update from Mwakoma for you and Jane

Dear Cliff,

We recently had a successful visit to Sagalla as the rains are just about to start and we can reactivate the beehive fence project. After 6 months of extremely dry weather, the beehives needed a bit of maintenance and we were expecting to find low occupation of the hives which was indeed the case. However, Nzumu has been helping a lot to keep the beehive fences in fairly good condition. I am massively motivated (and helped by two good interns) to get the honey production up this coming year. So long as it rains I think we should have a good harvest.


Next to one of the hives at Nzumu’s farm

We also managed to do a really fun art competition with Class 6 kids in the school getting them to draw their experiences of human-elephant conflict on their shambas. We are going to make them into posters which will then be printed on laminated paper and taken back to the classrooms so the kids can see their drawings on the walls.

The best 5 pictures won one of our new Elephants and Bees Project T-shirts and the other 16 kids won a simple geometry set so everyone was happy! Two photos are also attached for your entertainment!

Best wishes for now,


Dr Lucy King, MSc, DPhil.
Elephants and Bees Project Leader
Save the Elephants
P.O. Box 54667, Nairobi 00200, Kenya
Kenya cell: 0720 275561

Research Associate, Department of Zoology
University of Oxford, UK
Email 3:
UK Cell: 07720 289538

Below are a few more ‘photos taken by Margaret on the day of the competition

I have copies of the fantastic drawings done that day and will post them in batches to the blog each day for the coming week, so look out for a treat!

Best wishes,


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