2013 Kileva UK Team Visit – Friday 19th October


Friday was our last full day in Sagalla with lots of events scheduled, so we made sure that we got to Voi early to pick up Margaret & Kilele. As fate would have it we had trouble with Kilele’s car battery, and so we were delayed while a couple of local garage mechanics came out to help jump-start the car:


Undeterred we set off up the mountain and met up with Kiara, the man who initially suggested that the Kileva Foundation might build the Kileva Eastfield Primary School.

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour (OLOPS) Secondary School

This boarding school is the one that Grace & Kilele’s eldest daughter Naomi now attends, and Jane and I were delighted to be able to meet up with her while we were there.

Mlondo Primary School

Our next stop was Mlondo Primary School where we were not only treated to some great singing and dancing but also some fantastic acrobatics by the pupils.

After that came the usual prize giving ceremony where each of the top 3 students in each year group was presented with a Kileva Medals and Certificates.

What was different however was that I additionally made a special presentation to the David Mgelle for his outstanding  achievements as Head Teacher at the school.

Kizumanzi Primary School

Kizumanzi Primary is the first school that Jane and I visited when we first went to Sagalla back in February of 2006, and the reception we received was just as good as it was back then.

Kizumanzi Secondary School

This was our first visit to this new school with its spectacular views of the Sagalla landscape.

Kileva Football Cup Final

Once again the final games in the Kileva Football Cup were arranged to coincide with the day we travelled up the Sagalla mountain to Kizumanzi. Because we were running late we just managed to see the end of the penalty shoot out in the final game, but there was plenty of time to present awards to the winners, the runners up and to the third placed team.

Kileva Dispensary and Community Centre

It was soon time to head back down the mountain so that we could drop Kilele off at the Kileva Dispensary and Community Centre in Kirumbi where locals had gathered for a meeting with him.

Voi Town


It was a long day but very successful one and we were thrilled when Francis, the restaurant manager at the lodge, presented us with a cake to celebrate our last evening there.  Then to cap it off we toasted a fantastic week with cocktails in the bar … 🙂

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