2013 Kileva UK Team Visit – Tuesday 15th October


On Tuesday morning Steve borrowed Kilele’s car and drove John, Christine & Eileen to Kileva Eastfield so that they could run the second of their special classes.  Meanwhile Kilele, Margaret, Jane, Paul & I visited the offices of the District Commissioner in Voi.

Kileva Eastfield

Afterwards we joined the others at the school where preparations were under-way for the Prize Giving Ceremony to be held later that morning.

Before the ceremony

Having fun with the kids:

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Proliferation of red t-shirts:

Parents arrive:

During the ceremony

The entertainment begins:

Presenting the awards

The audience

After the ceremony

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Once again the new t-shirts were supplied by Comptel, and the sentiments of everyone are expressed well in the following photos:

Beehive Fence

In the afternoon Paul, Jane & I visited the nearest farm to the school which is protected by a beehive fence. It’s owned by a farmer called Nzumu.


Farm Buildings

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Elephant diary

Below are extracts from the diary kept by Nzumu showing when the hives were occupied (on the left) and movement of the elephants around the fence.

Easy rider

After we’d visited the beehive farm we went back to Voi and Paul got his chance to have a ride on a motorbike taxi.

Having explained to the driver that he was a lifelong motorcyclist, Paul even got a chance to drive the bike himself!

IMG_1433 now my turn on the front

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