2013 Kileva UK Team Visit – Monday 14th October

Kileva Eastfield

Fantastic welcome from the Kileva Kids

Monday morning began with our second visit to Kileva Eastfield. When we’d visited the day before there were no children around as it was Sunday. What a difference on Monday morning! The following photos will give you an idea of the fantastic welcome the kids gave us:

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Special lessons

When we were planning the trip we’d agreed with the Kileva Eastfield teachers that Christine, Eileen and John would take turns to teach each of the classes in singing and dance (Christine), art (Eileen) and the science of measurement (John).  What an unbelievable experience it turned out to be …

Christine’s Class

In the classroom:

In the playground:

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Hokey Cokey

Would you believe that Christine taught the kids how to sing and dance the hokey cokey? You’d better believe it …

Eileen’s Class

Here’s what to do:

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Now you do it:

John’s Class

Can you imagine a university professor who normally teaches post graduates in Glasgow explaining the science of measurement to primary school kids in Kenya?  Seeing is believing …

The big kids listen intently

The smaller ones get a practical demonstration


When the special lessons were over we all assembled in the biggest of the new classrooms to be traated to some terrific entertainment.

New White House Academy

In the afternoon the team visited Annedore Bibberstein’s house who is a Director of the New Whitehouse Acadeny School, then they attended the school to present Kileva medals and certificates to the top 3 children in each class.

Voi Wildlife Lodge

At the end of a long but very rewarding day it was time to go back to the tranquility of the lodge and to meet some of the new neighbours playing on the balcony:

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