The 2013 Kileva UK Team Visit to Kenya

I’m delighted to say that the 2013 Kileva UK Team visit to the Kileva projects in Kenya went ahead  as planned during the week of October 12th – 19th, and that a fantastic time was had by all.  This year  the team was the biggest ever assembled and included:

  • Myself
  • Jane (wife)
  • Steve (brother in law and Kileva Trustee who also visited in 2011)
  • Paul (cousin)
  • Christine (ex Deputy Head at Eastfield Primary School near Glasgow)
  • John (Christine’s husband and Professor at Glasgow Caledonian University)
  • Eileen (ex teacher at Eastfield Primary School near Glasgow)
  • Victoria (Eileen’s daughter)

Kileva UK Team

As Kileva Eastfield Primary School was named in recognition of the support given by Christine and Eileen’s school (Eastfield Primary School near Glasgow) it was fantastic that they were able to come and see for themselves what their contributions have meant, not only to the school but to the whole Sagalla community.

Below is a summary of some of what went on during the visit, although there were a few other things that happened (like Paul’s adventures on a motorbike and Tuk Tuk) which haven’t made it into this post so watch out for more details (particularly photos) in the days/weeks to come!

Best wishes


Kileva UK Team Visit to Kenya – Summary

Sunday 13th Oct

The team met up with Kilele and Margaret before going off to visit members of their families at their houses in Voi.  This was followed by the first of many visits to the Kileva Eastfield Primary School in Mwakoma to see the new classrooms, toilets and staff rooms that have been built since we were last there in 2011.

In the afternoon the team met up with Mrs Ponga before going on to her house in the Kalambe village.  On the way it poured down making the dirt tracks on the way to the village almost un-navigable, but in the end both cars managed to get through and we were met with a fantastic reception by many of Mrs Ponga’s relatives and neighbours.

Monday 14th Oct

The following morning the team went back to Kileva Eastfield to be treated to a fantastic welcome by the teachers and pupils.

2 Mon - Kileva Eastfield Teachers

Note the Head Teacher (Bonface) with John’s pipe!

2 Mon - Kids Welcome

Then came the 1st of 3 sessions where Christine, Eileen and John taught the kids in the following subjects:

  • Eileen: Art
  • Christine: singing and dance
  • John: the science of measurement

The session was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone involved!

In the afternoon the team visited Annedore Bibberstein’s house who is a Director of the New Whitehouse Acadeny School, then they attended the school to present Kileva medals and certificates to the top 3 children in each class.

New Whitehouse Adademy

Tuesday 15th Oct

First thing in the morning Christine, Eileen and John ran the second session of their lessons at Kileva Eastfield, then it was time for the official Prize Giving Ceremony which Kilele also attended.  Here’s a copy of the programme for the event:

Kileva Eastfield Prizegiving Agenda

The event was a wonderful celebration of all the school has achieved, and was much appreciated by the visiting UK team, students, teachers, school committee and parents.

After the certificates and medals were handed out to the best students, every pupil was given a new T-Shirt which was  again sponsored by Comptel, and a goodie bag provided by Christine and Eileen.

After the ceremony Paul, Jane & I visited the nearest farm equipped with a beehive fence, then the others visited the same farm on Thursday.

Wednesday 16th Oct

In the morning the team went on safari into Tsavo East, then in the afternoon Kilele, Margaret and I drove to Wundanyi to attend a special ceremony where prizes were handed out to the best 3 students in each class from 10 primary schools and 2 secondary schools in the region.

Following that we met Mary Ndiga Kibuka who is the Deputy Governor for the Taita Taveta County Government, and then we visited the County Assembly offices with Ray Mwangola who is the representative for the Wundanyi/Mbale Ward where Kilele is the representative for the Sagalla Ward .

Thursday 17th Oct

In the morning Christine, Eileen and John ran the 3rd session of their lessons, while Jane, Paul, Steve, Kilele, Margaret and I went off to Kirumbi Primary School to attend a Prize Giving Ceremony there.

There was then just enough time to take a look at the Kileva Dispensary in Kirumbi before driving round the mountain to attend prize giving ceremonies at Sowa Primary and Gideon Mosi Primary School;s.

Friday 18th Oct

Having managed to jump-start Kilele’s car we headed up the Sagalla mountain to attend a prize giving ceremony at Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour Secondary School.  here we met up with Naomi (Kilele’s eldest daughter) who’s a pupil there.

It was then on to Mlondo Primary School to attend another prize-giving ceremony, and from there we went on to Kizumanzi Primary School, and then Kizumanzi Secondary Scool to hand out more Kileva certificates and medals.

Finally, we made a quick visit to one of Kilele’s uncle’s houses before arriving at the Kileva Cup finals just in time to witness the penalty shoot-out in the final match. We handed out Kileva medals and t-shirts to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd teams plus each of the match officials before heading off down the mountain to Voi.

7 Fri - Kizumanzi1

Saturday 19th Oct

After sad farewells to Kilele and his family, we set off to Mombasa and had just enough time to meet up with Margaret’s Grandma and other family members before heading to the airport.

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  1. I think this visit will be a big motivation for students,teachers,parents and sagalla community.Can make students perform well.

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