Kenya Wildlife Service and university students visit Kileva Eastfield and beehive fences

From:  Kilele
             Voi, Kenya

I just wanted to inform you that on 30th july, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officials from Tsavo East visited the farms fenced with beehives and they met farmers and interviewed them.

 Also on 31st july i got a call from the Wildlife Works personnel and they came to my Voi house and sent me to their headquarter offices in Maungu.
There I met a group of university interns  who wanted to interview me on beehive fencing concept and afterwards we straight went to the farms. They were so happy and i did much lectures and presentation at the school office using the BBC clip and i gave them few handouts and books to them.

The Wildlife Works interns were sent by the president of Wildlife Works who stays in USA and you well know Rob Dobson is the vice president of the carbon credit selling organisation.  So,the above stated president shall be  be touring kenya late in nov this year and he will also be visiting the fenced farms in Mwakoma village.

Otherwise here attached,find a few photos of the interns at the school and at the farms.



Students at a beehive farm





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  1. Am very much happy to see the progress Kileva foundation is doing and if possible try and bring more researchers

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