Beehive Fence Project Expansion – Photos of the new fences

From: Margaret
            1st  July 2012


Hallo Sir,

I hope that you and the entire Kileva family members are o.k in England.  We are all doing great here in Sagalla plains, its only that there was crop failure this season and the crops all dried up, so the locals didn’t harvest anything and its very tough at the school, but we are still pushing on.

Well, I would like to inform you that Dr.Lucy King of the ‘Save the Elephants organisation’ came down to Voi on 20th June accompanied by 3 interns from England and Kenyan universities.

First we had a local baraza [meeting] with all the villagers and the turnout was pleasant at Kileva Eastfield school where Dr. Lucy King started with awarding the best performing students with basins and other prizes.

Then, it was a beehive fencing agenda where all villagers decide in one voice which were the most affected farms by the elephant raids which have become rampant nowadays. The farmers named were:

  • NZAI

After the meeting, we  and the villagers all took tea and bread which lucy had bought for whole school kids and the villagers.  We had dances from kids and parents and we wished you could have been here to witness, it was tremendous.

Local villagers were employed to help in erecting more beehive fences in five more farms.

Apart from Dr. Lucy King  making the normal Kenyan top bar hives we received langstroff  behives from the honey care company who delivered the hives from Nairobi.  Here are a few pictures of the hives and the villagers working:




As of today (1st July,2012) all five farms have been fenced with beehives and all of us are looking forward towards our farm’s crop protection from these maurading elephants  as no compensations are done by the Government KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service).

On third July, Dr.Luly King and Mr Kilele are meeting Kenya Wildlife Officials and there are high prospects of putting more beehive fences in Kasigau area, near the Wildlife Works offices.

Love and regards to all.


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  1. How much success you have got through this fences project?

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