Beehive Fence Project Expansion – Team trained and farms selected

Here’s an email from Lucy last month introducing the members of the team that were about to make their way to Sagalla to carry out the project expansion plans:

From: Lucy King
              11th June, 2012 Hi Kilele,

Thanks for your email and recommendation of a possible person for the
beekeepers job. I will hopefully meet him when I am there. 
Today I have been doing a training and preparation day for my small team of volunteers who are coming down to help me with the project, they are very nice. Two Kenyan graduates and a British graduate plus Wilson. They can help with all sides of the project.
We will be driving down this Thursday and staying at Sagalla Lodge.
Best wishes,
Another crucial development later that week was the appointment of Kilele as the Project Coordinator for the project.
Many congratulations to Kilele!
The following week the team travelled down to Sagalla and I received the following update from Lucy:
 From: Lucy King

            19th June, 2012
Hi Cliff,
All going very well at Mwakoma, we had a good Baraza community meeting yesterday and the community selected some farms that are badly crop raided so we are now just checking them all out and interviewing the farmers selected. The beehives are being constructed now and we are ordering the langstroths to come from Nairobi in a truck! Hope to have at least four more farms protected, maybe more.
Will send you some photos when we have some hives up! Kilele has been
a great help.
Cheers for now,


To be continued … 


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