Beehive Fence Project Expansion – Sagalla Farms Mapped

Continuing the beehive project expansion story, here’s a note Kilele & I received from Lucy back in May including a map of the 57 farms in the area to be considered for protection by additional beehive fences.

23rd May, 2011
Hi Cliff, Kilele

I have just had another meeting with Honey Care Africa managers in Nairobi and I believe the momentum is starting to pick up. Both of us have been applying for funds for more beehive fences and are making plans on how to expand the project.
Here are the maps of the farms that Wilson and Mzuma mapped two weeks ago.
Its wonderful to see these farms so clearly. Remember that they only mapped farms that clearly showed signs of planting and farming activity.  I am sure there are more plots in between these marked farms but we are only interested in farmers who are actively working their farms at this stage.
We can add more details to these maps as we proceed, and we missed out Eastfield School and the Kileva Community Centre but that can be fixed.
We would value your advice on how to proceed from here. Ideally we could link up with one of the community self help groups to find out which farmers are keen to protect their farms with beehives. The critical detail is that we need the farmers to have an important sense of ownership over their beehives, and we must focus any funding around farms that are badly crop-raided as a priority.
Lastly, Honey Care have said that we can start to look for a local farmer living in the community who they will train to become the main beehive technician who will go around helping to harvest the hives and manage the bees and beehive fences on a daily basis.
As we start to make plans we can plan another longer visit to Sagalla to arrange some community meetings and I can bring a Honey Care fundi with me to talk to the community about the ideas.
Thanks and I hope you like the maps!

To be continued …

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  1. can we put these into Google maps, so people can find us when they are searching kenya (as you do)

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