Kileva joins JustTextGiving by Vodafone

You may have seen in the news over the past few months that Vodafone have formed a partnership with JustGiving to enable people (such as you and me!) to donate to charity by simply sending a text message to the unique number allocated to their favourite charity.  The scheme is called JustTextGiving by Vodafone , and I’m pleased to say that Kileva have successfully registered in the scheme and have been allocated the (pretty cool!) unique number of 70070 .

Why am I telling you all this?  Well I have a friend who works for Vodafone and she has just sent me this note: 

Hi Cliff

Vodafone have just issued a “£100 challenge” to their staff asking each person to raise £100 by text message and I’ve chosen to raise money for Kileva.  If I can raise £100 by texts by 31 August, Vodafone will double the amount so it would be great if I can get the extra ‘free’ £100 for

All people have to do is text “KILE77 £x” to 70070 (where x is £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10).  The amount will then be added to their next bill but they won’t be charged for the text.  The other good news is that it they are UK taxpayers then they can add gift aid so Kileva gets a further 25% of the donation.

Best wishes,


So, if you’d like to help Julie meet her challenge and therefore raise at least £200 (more with gift aid) for Kileva to buy new books for the Kileva Eastfield Primary School, then simply text “KILE77 £x” to 70070.

Thanks for your support and as always I can guarantee that every single penny raised will go to Kenya to help our Kileva kids.


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  1. Julie Pearson

    Thanks very much for posting this, Cliff – we’re already up to £40 donated by text messages for Kileva! Best wishes, Julie

  2. how wonderful to see that there are people of julie’s calibre who are still existing,people of her type are rare nowadays,she has a big heart and thus we[sagalla community]kindly wish her well in her daily endevours

  3. I’m in too – mobile donating makes it so easy!! thank you and let’s break the £100 barrier.

  4. Julie Pearson

    Thanks so much to everyone who donated – we’ve reached the £100 already!! I’ve just had confirmation from Vodafone that they’ll match the £100, so you should be able to see that in a couple of weeks or so on my Just Giving page Meanwhile there’s still two months to go until August 31st, so I’m going to try to raise a bit more to add to the funds 🙂

    Thanks again to everyone!!

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